19 Jan 2014by catcares

Bringing Church to Social Media

I mentioned today I was a bit bummed I had to miss church for the first time in over a year. Thankfully for technology and my loving, caring, and compassionate Mother, she called my boyfriend and I so [...]

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14 Jan 2014by catcares

Let It Go

Im feeling called to write right now. No technique. No structured flow. Possibly not even sense to be made for all. Im just praying God will reach who he needs to through my words. Im praying for his [...]

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09 Jan 2014by catcares

Blaming Our Teachers

Hi friends. As you know, I haven't blogged in years. I appreciate your support and inspiration to rejoin the writing force. Please feel free to share, I just ask my name stay attached. I encourage [...]

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03 Jan 2014by catcares

Looking for People to Share Their Testimonial

Hi all! This page has been undergoing construction for quite some time. #Writers are crazy. We need tons of alone time to plan our next step, really we're just lazy and wait until we feel #God hit [...]

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