31 May 2016by catcares

Pain is a Stop Sign

  We as humans, strive so hard for independence and pride we forget to pay closer attention to our surroundings and how they affect us. How things and people make us feel contributes to our futu [...]

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24 May 2016by catcares

Dating Guide

Dating Guide Your partner represents you even when you think it's a simple date. You may feel like you're just passing time but really you're losing it if you're around someone wrong for you. Regar [...]

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19 May 2016by catcares

Are You Down?

https://soundcloud.com/team-lalo-production/are-you-down-feat-jenai-catalina [...]

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18 May 2016by catcares

He Will Do It Again

Warning - graphic content - While building my website tonight I came across photos of my past life. As I quickly scanned through, I saw a photo of me the day after someone threatened to take my life [...]

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17 May 2016by catcares

What is Love?

  People have grown to use the term "love" too loosely. Love is designed to mean more than just a spoken word. Love is an action. Love is a feeling. Love is an idea. Love is a reaction. Love is [...]

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03 May 2016by catcares

Silence Unchained

This one speaks for itself. I'm really not much on videos but this one deserves its play time. It won't be for everyone. Many of you have never seen this side of me. I haven't stepped on a stage or pe [...]

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02 May 2016by catcares

Healing with Hypnosis

I know some of you have questioned me being a Christian and seeing a hypnotist, but it sure is making a world of difference in my life. I recommend it for anyone who forgets to carve out time for the [...]

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