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Unchaining My Silence As a Single Issue Voter

Unchaining My Silence As a Single Issue Voter

If you want to make change, get involved with local decisions as well as federal. If you are a Christian and want to make a change, write the government. Educate yourself on ACLJ and what this organization that people cannot stand is doing to protect our own rights. If you are a Christian mocking ACLJ and standing against topics like pro-life, I encourage you to stop talking to friends and start talking to God. I know you have heard the definition of “separation of church and state.” However seek deeper. The state was designed to stay out of the church. Not the other way around. God was in our constitution for a reason.

My line is open all hours of the night to the countless women who have cried on my shoulder from having abortions or thinking about it after having been in abusive situations. As well as men who have reached out to me because they talked a woman into having one or she had one and didn’t tell them.
I’ll still be here for those in need. Even the people who have blatantly spit in my face. That’s what Jesus does he loves his enemies. So as a believer, my door has always been open to all.

I can’t stand hearing I was a single issue voter. If that issue was being Christian and standing for policies that protect my religion, then so be it. This isn’t the only platform I am choosing either. I’ve noticed the people that know most about political issues are not the people with signs on the street and grotesque commentary all over Facebook. They are the people who care enough to provoke change and show up for more than just a protest. They listen. They help make real decisions. They pray with those hurting. They educate themselves in every manner necessary to stand.

I’m just exercising my right to care. Sometimes that means going against the grain and paying attention to the things everyone else ignores.
I voted for President Obama.
I also voted for President Trump.
People have tried to guilt me for my decision and many times have succeeded, however I spent months in prayer before making that decision and therefore I have to trust in God that the change I believed in would take place. I’m thankful for articles such as this.


I used to be pro-choice.
I grew up in an extremely liberal atmosphere.
My family was the family collecting all of the assistance many people feel I’m brainwashed to not care about.
Some of my family still does! I don’t look down on them. I’m thankful our government is able to assist them. I know without that assistance some of my family would not be able to live.
I am working my tail off to give back to our community so our government can continue to do its job in the future.
Wouldn’t you like to know almost all of my family is still democratic?
Contrary to many beliefs of me being a typical conservative, white American I was actually raised in a black family. My white father was in jail while my black daddy stepped up and helped foot the bills as a child. Family gatherings on all sides of my family consist mostly of hugs and rolled eyes when anyone mentions the T word or 45 phrase. So for me the transition to take a public stance as a Republican was extremely difficult.

My Pastor taught me if I was given ten years to share a message, I should spend nine years preparing and one sharing.
I failed him in the past. I spent much more time sharing and less preparing. Now I am working to change that. I only share when it’s truly on my heart to do so, like now. In Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
I’ve taken much more abuse on my vote this year than I did living for seven years with a man who plotted my demise.

Those of you who asked me what changed? God. He touched me. He saved me from someone that was demanding I get an abortion. God introduced me to people who have been raped and we’re firmly pro-life supporters. He brought people in my life that were much more educated than me and don’t just tell me what to believe. They shared sources with me that I could find viable and supportive data.
Now I understand why I had to literally fight for my own existence, because God wanted my attention.
He wanted me to ask questions, educate myself on the topic beyond media’s biased opinions. He wanted me to take a stand I didn’t think I had the courage to take.
I didn’t think I deserved to be the one who spoke. Millions of others still feel the same.

Millions of Christians fight modern-day persecution just from being around friends who are not pro-life or do not believe their church should be forced to marry non-biblical unions. My church takes a lot of heat for standing true to their law. However what people don’t realize is my church also refused to marry me.
Did I run away? Yea. For a little while I did. But God worked on my heart and showed me a much bigger picture.

This was never meant to be about me, this is to help specifically Christians that internally battle the moral reasoning behind being pro-life.
The national reported statistics for aborted children last year were over 900k. Did you know less than 2% of abortions are reported as being done due to rape? Don’t just believe me. Research it for yourself. I’ll happily stand corrected, but that is what I had to search deep and find. That is only reported abortions.
I’m a woman that may or may not have a child of my own one day, that is up to God, and a spouse worth a darn but I’ll save that for another day. 🤦🏻‍♀️
I’m a thirty year old woman educating and preparing myself to be able to adopt in the future whether I’m single or not. I’m a woman that is taking responsibility of my own life to where if someone in my family is in a position to get pregnant for whatever reason they wouldn’t consider abortion at all. They would call me, and I will help raise that child. That is how serious this is to me. More Christians should care and be aware as this is a biblical repeat of history and has been for years. In other countries it’s not a question, if someone is unfit to be a Mother, the grandmother or another relative steps in without hesitation. America is just notoriously selfish.

I thank God for the change being made on this “single-issue” because please tell me what issue is costing that many lives more than this?

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