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Case Dismissed

Case Dismissed

Up late doing homework and watching This is Us.

Mostly because I want to know what is so addictive for my unmentioned family members that adore this show. LOL

The Doc on the show just said something that totally resonated with me. He lost his child. He said he likes to think many babies have been saved by the work of his hands because of him losing his own child and God must have had that in his plans all along, to save others.
I know this isn’t new news to many, but so many of us face heartbreaking situations in life that all we know how to do is question God, the infamous “WHY ME?”
The woman that has helped me to become much of who I am lost her son and her first words to me when she learned of his death were, “B we cannot let his life go in vain.” She exemplifies pure servanthood in every manner.
In all the experiences I’ve encountered, that one framed my idea of character more than anything. She had every reason to fall apart and give up. She had every reason to take time off and separate herself for as long as she chose. What did she do? She created a foundation to save lives fighting against suicide. TheMitchellHashFoundation.com

Perhaps the pains we feel are not about us at all. Perhaps the pain we feel is just like a sensor or trigger that ignites us to accompany people in a much greater need than ourselves. When I get my migraines, right before they worsen I lose feeling in my feet. Something that took me twenty years to discover has actually helped me get ahead of an issue I’ve chronically fought and now have proper treatment. Life is such. We face many trials and tribulations we cannot explain but it births a much greater meaning.

To live like Christ is not a status for credibility. It is a cross to bear with the peace of knowing you never have to carry it alone.

Many of you know I am an overcomer and survivor of domestic violence. That is why I have a magnetic pull to make a difference in this world.

I was recently on trial and have been fighting a very humiliating uphill battle for months now. I had to pause my dream, my mission, my life known as Silence Unchained in order to properly manage this situation. This person has attacked everything about my character and anything they could come for. I had to turn down speaking engagements and lost other opportunities during this hardship. I had to think two and three times of what I participated in and where I went because my every move was being watched and recorded. Emotionally this was difficult for me. I’ve dealt with bullying before but this was a whole new level of danger and despair I had not previously been exposed to. It also helped to awaken me. It was hard for me as a writer to keep quiet about it as well as not make this about me. From the first attack, I knew it was directed at me because of my heart and passion to confront the abuse of any enemy, head on. I had to remove my own feelings from the situation and see the much bigger issue involving mental health. I had to see the hurt from the ones hurting me.

Today the trial was dismissed.
For obvious reasons, however, I knew it was a part of my duty and mission to be present. God uses us anywhere we allow him to and I asked him to use me in this case, even if wrongfully convicted I could have been jailed. I asked him to resolve this in a way only he could receive glory.

I’m sharing as I always do because I am reminded daily, my life is not about me. There is always someone that is ready to give up and feeling like they have no hope in their fight. Then they see the victory of someone else and they decide to keep going. I just want to live my life the way my mentor taught me. I’ve been saved from many things including myself and I don’t want God’s mercy to ever go in vain.

You never know what someone is battling. If we could spend more time focusing on others, we may not feel so alone when in our own trial.

“No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” – Isaiah 54:17

I’m thankful for being inspired to write by that doctor on This is Us tonight. I’m thankful for the many people who supported me and never doubted my integrity. I’m thankful for being surrounded by overcomers and survivors that taught me what life is really about. And I’m oh so thankful to share Silence Unchained can finally resume our blogs, testimonies, and outreach. So much greater of things to come. Stay tuned.

Have a blessed night.

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