03 May 2018by catcares

Never Fear Going Against the Grain

Y’all keep telling me don’t discuss religion and politics with friends. It’s risky and bad for business. Nobody pays my bills but God himself. So the last thing I’m worried about is starving.

What I can’t understand from that fearful silent mindset is, why would you want someone to like you if they don’t accept what and who makes you?
I’m not raising my kids to do what is accepted. I’m raising them to think for themselves and if that means going against the grain, then baby stay armed, get equipped and stand on that frontline because this is one cruel world!
I’m not the confused one. Don’t feel sorry for me. Matter fact, STOP with the pity messages. “B, I’m so sorry these people persecute you for your beliefs.”
That’s what I signed up for!
I’m down to be rejected.

Just wait til my life is exposed in this book. You think I’m an undereducated, misinformed, misled hypocrite now. HA Just wait til you read where I come from. God is the ONLY explanation for where I landed.
Don’t feel for me. Feel for those still stuck on the fence, or fear to lose a job, friend, or partner because their soul literally cries out to them at night begging them to be real with themselves. I know that hell, all too well. Being mocked and judged for learning how to teach others peace… Nah.. I been waiting my whole life for that. And I’ll stand 100% on my own for life. I need no cosigner. I got the Author, Lawyer, Provider, Shelter, Producer, and Judge with me. Even in my own downfalls. So don’t tell me not to stand. Ask yourself why you care so much what others think that you keep quiet to save face?
My life ain’t mine. Sooner people learn that lesson, the sooner they’ll find their own peace in the midst of the storm. THANK YOU for following me only if you follow me. <3 Be blessed! #SilenceUnchained Facebook.com/SilenceUnchained

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