03 May 2018by catcares

Never Fear Going Against the Grain

Y'all keep telling me don't discuss religion and politics with friends. It's risky and bad for business. Nobody pays my bills but God himself. So the last thing I'm worried about is starving. What [...]

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04 Feb 2018by catcares

Battling Addictions


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14 Oct 2017by catcares

Unchaining My Silence As a Single Issue Voter

Unchaining My Silence As a Single Issue Voter

If you want to make change, get involved with local decisions as well as federal. If you are a Christian and want to make a change, write the government. Educate yourself on ACLJ and what this organiz [...]

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07 Oct 2017by catcares

Don’t Support the Slut Walk

This new age way for women doing what men do, is nothing new. There were loose women in the Bible too. And they were just as disrespected and neglected. I thought that was my right to do what I want [...]

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02 May 2017by catcares

Humility Is Not Seeming Unheard

You know what I fear more than anything?  A friend to say when I'm gone that they didn't know I was a Christian. I often hear good-hearted people, that have an abundance of talent and love for God, [...]

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26 Apr 2017by catcares

Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband, You are my king. You are my world. I'd rather wait til we meet Than be any other man's girl. Loyalty is my promise. Serving you brings me bliss. Loving you is my honor. All of me [...]

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24 Apr 2017by catcares

Destined for Greatness

I was looking through old photos this evening and came across this one. Unfortunately it doesn't bring back good memories. The last time I wore this uniform was the day I watched my father get beaten [...]

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23 Apr 2017by catcares

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Don't tell me you love me When you know my heart is unsafe in your hands. Don't tell me you love me Just to misuse the art Of being a one woman man Don't tell me you love me When you won't be here A [...]

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12 Apr 2017by catcares

Agape Haiku

Agape love is The highest form one can feel Selflessly broken. Agape love gives When the world only receives A heart unspoken. Agape love lives In the painting of what's true. Agape was you. bCat [...]

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06 Apr 2017by catcares

When You Think of Me…

I loved you. I won't apologize for that In fact I gave you all of me And I want nothing back. From you I gained the greatest gift That I could ever earn. I fought the hardest lesson I will ever learn [...]

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